Equine Veterinary Services

Menomonie, WI Equine Care

Painted Pony Equine Service

Equine Care Services Include:

  • Preventative care – Coggins Tests, vaccinations, deworming program evaluation, dentistry, annual physical examinations, prepurchase examinations, insurance examinations, health certificates and fecal exams
  • Lameness exams – flexion tests / gait evaluation, radiology with portable equipment, diagnostic anesthesia, laminitis evaluation, farrier consultations and referrals for alternative therapies
  • Surgical services – castration, laceration repair
  • Medical services – detailed physical examinations /  diagnostics, complete bloodwork / lab work, testing for Cushings / insulin resistance, Lyme / Anaplasma testing, hormone assays and euthanasia
  • Dentistry – powerfloating, bit seats, canine reduction, cap extraction, wave mouth correction, hook removal / ramp corrections, terminal / wolf tooth extraction and more